A Simple Act of Kindness

17391874_1352800501425700_830374144_nWhat would be your reaction if you witness one genuine act of generosity from a person you least expect to? Here’s the story:

While everyone is hurrying to catch the train in the LRT, my wife and i saw a man in cratches who’s walking with one leg only, paused to look for money in his pocket. It took some time for him to do that causing a long line of human traffic. Many other passengers gave him a stern look, others felt irritated. As i am about to take my eyes off him, i saw him giving his coins to someone that i didn’t notice to be there: another man with both legs amputated asking for some coins. Suddenly i was stunned by that act of kindness. When i look at my wife, i saw her crying silently. In that instant i felt so useless, so numb and so damn to be so insensitive to the needs of my brothers. It took a man with crutches to do that for me to realize that i am the one more capable of doing what he showed but i was so preoccupied, so busy with all my worries.

You can see that man at the stairway of Buendia LRT station.

Lesson learned: Please help anyone who need your help in any way you can, in whatever situation you are at any time of the day.

Every simple act of kindness brings fulfillment and happiness.



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