sirao garden cebu

Our Wonderful Time in Sirao

It’s like an ordinary day at 2pm. We’re in our home after my regular duty in  the office. Knowing Eve, the explorer, who never run out of idea on what to do on days like this, we decided to go to Sirao and visit the flower farm which is quire popular here in Cebu City and see for ourselves how this place became viral in the social media sites.

Since the place where we’re staying is near JY Square Mall, we rented a habal habal. Luckily, it turns out that the driver’s home is in Sirao meaning, he’s very familiar with the place and he also gave us discount for our fare.

Celosia or Burlas Flowers, the Pride of Sirao

It’s an ordinary Wednesday afternoon and there are only Korean tourist taking pictures when we arrived. And since it’s already the last week of February, the weather is just great. My son Pierre, upon arrival settled himself in a cradle or duyan located  near the entrance of the garden.

Pierre rests  after 30 minutes of travel from Lahug to Sirao

Sirao Garden is a 8,000 sq.m uphill land  located in Sitio Tawagan, Brgy. Sirao, Cebu City 17kms away from Cebu City proper. The garden is owned by Alfred and Elena Sy-Chua which grows Celosia Argentea, a  genus of edible and ornamental plants of the Amaranth family, the Amarantheceae that usually grows in China and India locally known as burlas. The flowers come in yellow and red colors,  the colors associated with the Sto. Nino de Cebu. What started as a hobby in honor of  Sto. Nino became one of the newest tourist attraction in this part of Cebu.

We only spent two to three hours enjoying the breathtaking view of the place. The location is just perfect for selfies, family bonding and relaxation. Bonus are the views on the trip.

They said that whenever you’re lonely, just smell some flowers and your loneliness will fade away. To this i will add: You don’t have to be lonely to witness and treasure the beauty of flowers and nature because with them, you will be able to find true happiness.

Try to do it for you to feel the same way.



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